Xibalba is a gathering of dancers and musicians performing ceremonies to honor the divine power and forces of nature. The performers present a theatric and artistic expression of the ceremonial way of life honoring the elements and ancestral ways of the sun. It consists of Mayan style dancers and live music performed in an ancient style. All of the regalia is completely original and hand made by each individual performer as well as the musical instruments. The dancers actually play the drums as they dance and choreography varies depending on the theme of the piece. Although the dance movement is generally focused around the drum, there are other numbers that consist of ceremonial style dance and music honoring the elements such as the jaguar the eagle and the deer. Its message is showing the sacredness of the earths elements and forces of nature and how the ancient ones lived in harmony among one another through love and celebrating life. The live drumming and movement creates a vibration that moves mind body and spirit with joy. 



The Mayan Underworld

Xibalba is the place of transformation or otherwise known as the underworld according to the Mayans. It is the place we come from before we were born and the place we return to after we are dead. There are 9 levels of Xibalba and the performance takes the audience through many of them as well as focusing on different spiritual guides that are significant within the Mayan traditional ways.

One of the main elements of the performance that makes it special and unique is the choreography. All of the music is performed live and the dancers actually play the drums as they move. Making it a truly unique and powerful performance.


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