The sound of the Native People


Native drum is a presentation of live Native American music and traditional social dances. There are many different types of dances and they each have specific meaning.  The performance includes live music and singing while the different types of dances are presented. The performance will include different traditional and contemporary style dances such as the Grass dance, men's and women's Fancy, and jingle dress to name a few.


Native Drums​

The drum is the oldest ceremonial instrument known in our tradition. It is highly sacred beacuse it is the spirit of our ancestors as well as the tree and animal skin on it. It is the heartbeat of the universe and the keeper of the prayer dance step. There are several drums used throughout the performance and they are all hand made from the moment they were cut from the earth, there were prayers left for them. Then they started from logs then hollowed out all by hand tools. even the hides from the buffalo have been prayed over before they were tied up to the drum.


The Regalia is the traditional style clothing each person wears. This represents the heritage and culture each performer comes from. Typically each performer designs and actually makes their own regalia by hand. This is how it has been done in that past and to keep the traditions alive we maintain this practice among our community and pass it on to the children. 




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